Sentoy Sensory and educational toys for childern with autism

Our Story

Sentoy is inspired by Finlay.  Finlay is our amazing little boy who has had to cope with chronic kidney disease, autism spectrum disorder and global developmental delay.  He does this with courage and a cheeky smile on his face everyday.

Sentoy was created during a life changing event for our family.  Finlay had received his dad's kidney in a life saving transplant operation and what was important in life became clear.........our boy!
We started to ask ourselves what's important to Finlay?  Finlay is a little boy that sees the world very differently.  His perception of the world and the people in it makes it an overwhelming place.
As we have learned more about Finlay's needs over the years we have understood the importance of sensory play and sensory integration.

Sensory toys are not just educational, calming and stimulating to the senses.  They are fun!
When we built a sensory room for Finlay to enjoy at home, we were struck by the enjoyment the sensory toys also gave to his cousins.  This inspired us to make sensory toys more accessible to all children and so Sentoy Ltd was born.

We love sensory toys and believe they should be enjoyed and played with by everyone.


Good quality, robust products with high safety standards

As parents of a special little guy, we know how important good quality products are and how vital excellent service is.

Purchasing that special item from Sentoy coudn't be easier. Our website is designed to be as simple as possible to use and we provide the best levels of service you will find anywhere.

We only sell good quality, robust products that are safe for our special customers to enjoy. All of our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers and we hand pick products that excite us and meet our high safety standards i.e. products we would buy for our child to play with. You can put your trust in Sentoy.