Interactive Infinity Panel - with Button or Dice control

Interactive Infinity Panel - with Button or Dice control

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An infinite illusion of LED lights. Create a stunning effect that will engage the user. The Interactive Infinity Wall Panel is fully self-contained and easy to set up. Simply mount the frame to your chosen wall, plug and play! Use either Sensory Remote Control or Dice Control to change the lights on the panel.

The infinite effect adds the perfect ambience to any sensory room or environment. Ideal for adding depth to a sensory room and to encourage visual stimulation.

With the added sensory controllers you can make this Interactive Infinity Wall Panel a more tactile and playful sensory experience.

Choose between the Dice controller or the Interactive sensory remote.  Both options are wireless, so no cables.    Roll the dice and the equipment will change to whatever colour it lands on. 

The sensory remote is a simple push button remote.  Simply click the buttons to change colour.

Each remote can be paired with two pieces of equipment. An infinity mirror and a bubble tube for example.

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